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Mykal Moore

Established in 1993.

From the 803.

Click either cover to listen to Divergent, everywhere music is sold digitally.

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I could tell you my story...but watching it is better, right?
Check out the music videos to my singles below.
Who would've guessed how big the problems I dealt with were...or how big my God was to save me from them...
A small town kid with big city dreams soon realizes that everything in this world that looks good isn't...
Featuring my beautiful fiancé, we try to live out MLKJ's dream when faced with the ugly realities of race relations in America...
It's 2019, best believe we goin' higher. I would love to be on that journey with you. "We goin' on a trip, in our fav rocket ship."
If you're into fashion or being comfortable...then, um...my lil' man can tell yall better than I can. LOL

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